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Hypoallergenic & Sustainable Dog Food Made From Insects!

The Best Environmentally Friendly Food For Dogs With Allergies

Eco-conscious dog owners everywhere are falling in love with Jiminy’s sustainable, hypoallergenic dog food made from insect protein! Jiminy’s dog food is complete nutrition for dogs. Insect protein is a superfood, meeting or exceeding AAFCO requirements. Insects have proven to be a high-quality digestible protein that’s packed with the essential amino acids dogs need to life healthy active lives!

What Makes Us The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Food?

Jiminy's is on a mission to provide our dogs with a nutritious and environmentally friendly dog food that helps them save the planet by reducing their carbon paw print!

By making Jiminy's dog food with insects like crickets, we can deliver more high-quality protein while using significantly less resources than beef or chicken.

Over 32 BILLION pounds of protein are consumed by our dogs every year. This enormous amount of protein mostly comes from cows and chickens.

These traditional sources of protein take an extensive toll on our environment. Your average 40 pound dog can save 480,000 gallons of water a year by switching to an insect based diet like Jiminy's.

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