A Different Kind of Dog Food

Our new kibble combines insect protein with plant-based ingredients, so it’s sustainable and humane. It’s also digestible, prebiotic and nutrient dense – and dogs love it!

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We use powdered cricket protein to create healthier, tastier treats for pets, and a better world for everyone.

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The Strategist

“These treats are so effective that I’ve been using them to teach her tricks I never would have tried before.”


The Dog People By Rover

“Crickets are more efficient than any warmblooded animal at converting plant-based foods into protein”


Modern Dog

“What if you could help save the environment while feeding your dog? Turns out you can.”


Dogs ❤️ Jiminy’s Treats

We bake every cookie and chewy by hand, using only the freshest ingredients like pumpkin and sweet potato. Every treat goes through a rigorous taste test, where our treats consistently score a resounding 4 paws up (a perfect score).

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