Dogs have eaten insects for thousands of years. But Jiminy's is one of the first to add powdered insect protein into dog food and treats. And for good reason!

Packed with nutrients dogs need

With over 3X more protein than beef, 2x more iron than spinach, 10% more vitamin B12 than salmon, and all essential amino acids, insect protein is truly a superfood! In fact, it meets AAFCO requirements for dogs without any additives.

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Golden Retriever with Jiminy's Cravin' Cricket sustainable dog food

Prebiotic and gentle on the stomach

When your dog's gut bacteria is out of balance, it impacts their health and wellbeing. Insect protein is prebiotic, meaning it feeds the good bacteria in your dog's gut. In fact, many dogs with food allergies or gut issues thrive on Jiminy's!

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More sustainable than traditional protein

Insects use much less water, land, and feed per pound of protein than beef and chicken — with almost no greenhouse gas emissions.

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