How Savannah Overcame her Food Allergies with Jiminy’s

How Savannah Overcame her Food Allergies with Jiminy’s

Savannah got off to a rough start- rescued from the euthanasia list by a Phoenix organization, the Border Collie/German Shepard mix was visibly scared and sheepish. She caught the eye of Lori who was volunteering one day, “she was literally trying to hide under the concrete.” Lori immediately decided to foster, knowing “that dog would never leave my side again.” Savannah joined a loving household that day and outside the usual canine agitators (mailmen, squirrels, hats) Savannah didn’t have much to complain about.  That is, until Lori noticed Savannah was always scratching at herself.

Savannah enjoying the shade

About 8 years ago, Savannah developed seasonal allergies. Lori took her to the vet and was prescribed steroids. Though not thrilled at the idea of giving her dog steroids, she reasoned it was only for a few months of the year. Fast forward and these allergies became a year round nuisance. Savannah was constantly itching and in visible discomfort.  Lori, not wanting to see her dog suffer, knew it was time for another vet trip. This time around, Savannah was prescribed Apoquel, which worked great- less itching and scratching.  Lori’s main qualm was that it treated the symptoms not the cause, “It’s not getting to the root of the problem. We’re not fixing, we’re just putting a bandaid on it.”  On top of that, Aqoquel comes with a price tag.  Just one pill costs $3- which, when you have a larger dog, it really adds up.

When Lori heard about Jiminy’s dog food being hypoallergenic and beneficial for dogs with food allergies she didn’t think twice. She switched both of her pups to Jiminy’s Good Grub.

Good Grub dog food for dogs with allergies

Within a couple weeks Lori noticed that Savannah was itching much less,To the point that I hardly ever give Apoquel to her anymore because she just doesn't need it.”  Lori estimates that Savannah has cut back on her Apoquel usage over 75%.  Since Savannah is an aging dog, cutting back on medication rather than upping it is a rare and welcomed phenomenon.

Austin, Savannah's brother being silly on the couch

But the story doesn't stop there! Savannah’s brother Austin, another rescued pup, has seen some positive changes in his health. Austin struggled with opaque stomach issues his whole life. Since he was a puppy Austin has had bad gas and diarrhea. Lori tried changing his food many times, but to no avail. Finally, after introducing Jiminy’s, Lori has noticed Austin’s bowel movements are more regular and solid- noting that this is true for Savannah as well.  This better digestive function has been a relief to Lori, who notes (less dramatically) she’s noticed an improvement in both dog’s breath as well.

It's nap time 

Try Good Grub Dog Food

As dog owners might know-switching foods isn’t always the easiest. Lori, however, claims a swift and painless change with her dogs. Admitting that she only eased them in (mixing Jiminy’s with their old food) for two days before they were fully converted. Jiminy’s has made a major difference in both Savannah and Austin’s well being. Lori now recommends Jiminy’s to all her friends who have pets that struggle with food allergies, “Jiminy’s will probably solve your problem,” she raves. The Jiminy's team certainly hopes so! 💚

Thank you Lori!