Alternative Protein Dog Food & Treats

Dogs with food allergies and/or gut issues may very well find a solution with insect protein!

dog allergies graphic showing the two main sources of dog allergies being the enviroment and food


Luckily, it is a small percent of the doggie population that suffers from allergies.  When they do have allergies, Dogs tend to have either environmental or food  allergies.  Beef, chicken, lamb, soy and even fish are the most common ingredients that trigger dog allergies.  Insect protein is an alternative protein for the dogs and we haven’t seen dogs exhibiting allergies to this protein.  In fact, veterinarians are already using Jiminy’s in elimination diets (eliminating all known allergens to try to determine what the actual allergy is) because insect protein is not a known allergen.

Anne Carlson, CEO @ Jiminy’s, and Holly Ganz, Chief Science Officer at AnimalBiome, discuss the Micro-Biome.

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Often Gut Health issues are related to diet. Because insect protein has fiber, it can be really beneficial for your dog’s gut (think about it the way that a person adds fiber to their diet when they are irregular). In fact, the cricket protein has been proven to be prebiotic for the dogs, it is a great choice when you need to feed your dog’s micro-biome. Learn more here.


As with any health issue, we recommend talking to your vet and understanding your dog’s specific needs!

dog with allergies scratching

It’s no fun when your best buddy has the scratchies…