Fight Climate Change While Feeding Your Pets

“ Three cheers for the protein that could help save our planet! ”

“ Bugs could be a sustainable secret ingredient for the booming pet food industry. ”

“ My dog loves these Cricket Protein Treats more than she loves me. ”

“ Healthier than most proteins and much more sustainable. ”

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Great for food sensitivities

“ Scoring 95-100 in palatability tests. ”

“ A complete protein, digestible, prebiotic and formulated by a well-respected vet nutritionist. ”

“ Less water, less land, and fewer greenhouse gases. ”

“ Free range & a long life - crickets live 80% of their natural life before harvest. ”

“ Great for dogs with sensitivities to common ingredients such as chicken or beef. Vets agree & studies confirm. ”

Dogs (And Humans) 💚 Us

"His fur is softer than it's ever been and he hasn't had any gas since starting on Jiminy's food"

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"The only dry dog food Goose will eat plain (without adding cheese or anything to it!)"

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"Jiminy’s treats make the perfect training treat, they don’t cause any skin issues and are sustainable!”

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"The training treats make the best pill pockets! I come running when it’s time to take my medicine."

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"His new kibble has been working so well for him. He’s back to being able to do what he enjoys most, which is being a little foodie."

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