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    Big Dog Bundle: Cricket Crave

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    Does your dog need more than 10lbs of Cricket Crave? If yes, then this is the bundle for you!  The Big Dog Bundle is 20lbs of delicious, nutritious and sustainable kibble with essential, high-quality cricket protein for healthy muscle development.  It also contains complex carbohydrates for enhanced gut health and to provide energy for an active life.

    Cricket protein provides great nutrition – a complete protein, high in omegas, fiber, iron and vitamins. Crickets are a natural source of taurine and (due to the fiber) pre-biotic.

    Our kibble is oven baked in small batches. Unlike other kibbles that are extruded (high pressure and extreme heat that cooks away the nutrients) our baking process ensures a less processed food. Digestible, nutrient dense and it tastes great!

    What's in the bundle

    Cricket Crave Dog Food

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    Cricket Crave Dog Food

    Your dog will jump for Jiminy's

    • Vet Formulated
    • Oven baked in the USA with pride
    • Minimally processed, all natural, complete and balanced
    • Designed to meet AAFCO standards for adult dogs
    • Crafted without the use of corn, wheat soy or chicken (or poultry)

    Why Crickets?







    Crickets, like other insects, contain fibers, such as chitin, that are different from the dietary fiber found in foods like fruits and vegetables. Fiber serves as a microbial food source and some fiber types promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, also known as probiotics. Jiminy’s partnered with Animal-Biome to study the impact of cricket protein on the dog’s gut. And great news – cricket protein supports a healthy, balanced level of gut bacteria diversity (gut microbiome) in dogs. It’s pre-biotic!


    Crickets are an amazing and complete protein source with all of the essential amino acids that you find in other animal proteins. The protein itself (without additives) meets  AAFCO requirements for dogs. Cricket protein contains 3x more protein than beef and 2x more iron than spinach!


    Beef, chicken, lamb, soy and even fish are the most common ingredients that trigger dog allergies.  Insect protein is an alternative protein for the dogs and we haven’t seen dogs exhibiting allergies to this protein.  In fact, veterinarians are already using Jiminy’s in elimination diets (eliminating all known allergens to try to determine what the actual allergy is) because insect protein is not an allergen.


    Insect protein is truly a sustainable protein source. Better land use and feed conversion. In addition, less water and almost no greenhouse gases. If you take a dog who is eating a chicken-based diet and switch to an insect based diet, we save 480,000 gallons of water per year.


    We say humane because of the way that the crickets are raised, the amount of their natural life lived and the way they’re harvested. Crickets are naturally a swarming species, and like being in a dark, warm place. They’re raised in cricket condos (inside barns) which allow the crickets to live in a way as close as possible to how they would live in the natural world. They are free to hop from feed station to feed station, and can burrow deep into the condos if they choose. Harvesting time comes near the end of their natural life cycle – which is approximately 6 weeks. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Good meat alternative

    My dogs are very picky. They seemed to like this cricket food initially but like most kibble, they get bored easily. Now they nibble on it throughout the day and finish up the food before bedtime lol. That being said I switch it up with the Grub dog food which they seem to like more…for now. Their poop has been perfect! No more constipation or sticky poop. I’m hoping it’ll help my dachshund’s dry flaky skin also since this dog food supposedly has a lot of omega in it. I’ll update my review if I notice dramatic improvement in his coat. I am very glad that Jiminy offers the alternate double pack that has the cricket and grub food. The cost was not that bad. It’s actually comparable to some of the higher end brands so no complaints here!

    My dog is obsessed and so am I

    My dog has has had horrendous gas and wet poops since we adopted him. He's sensitive to literally every food out there — including pumpkin. We've tried EVERYTHING, and either he doesn't like it, or it doesn't like him. This is the first food he's actually enjoyed that his belly enjoys, too. His farts no longer clear a room, his poops no longer mush into the sidewalk in the grossest way possible, and his fur is SOFTER THAN EVER. And it's sustainable! God, we are so happy we found you.

    Susan Kim
    No more diarrhea

    I only wish Jiminy’s was in the market years ago! It's the best thing to happen to my dog. No more diarrhea!

    Nancy Wood

    My dog is doing great with relief from allergies. Wish I had got a free bag when I started my auto ship.🤪

    Crystal Krajicek

    Ava loves cricket crave! Not as much fun as catching them but good winter substitute.