A revolving diet – also known as a rotational diet – is all about taking a well-balanced approach to your dog’s diet.

Have you ever had the same meal for an entire day? A week? A month? A year? What if you had to eat the same exact meal for your whole life? Sounds pretty awful right?  Also, what if it was missing something important for your body? Unfortunately, this is essentially what most of us do to our pets — choose a food and stick with it. And while keeping your dog or cat on a consistent diet isn’t unhealthy, some veterinary nutritionists are raving about an alternative called rotation feeding.

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Instead of feeding him the same food every day, rotate recipes so your dog gets a range of proteins (and other nutrients) into his diet. This can help reduce the likelihood of your dog developing food sensitivities.  Also, your dog will likely love the variety!

rotating you dogs diet graph

By rotating in Cricket Crave or Good Grub you can also “reset” your dog’s gut microbiome which is so important for your pup’s well-being.  Choosing a food that helps feed those microorganisms is a great way to promote overall health (and we won’t be so crass to suggest that Jiminy’s is a great choice here).  Read more about your dog’s gut microbiome here.

Who doesn’t like to camp with their pup?  Don’t forget to take snacks for your dog.  Tuco loves Good Grub!