Impact of Insect Protein on Your Dogs Digestive Health

Impact of Insect Protein on Your Dogs Digestive Health

When it comes to the health of your pet, the gut plays a critical role in good or bad outcomes. When your dog has problems with the gut, it may cause a higher rate of allergic reactions, infections, or other negative health outcomes. By taking measures to maintain a healthy gut in your pets, it is possible to reduce a lot of common health risks to your dog. Adding insect protein to your pet's diet offers a solution to ensure your pet has enough prebiotics to prevent certain conditions.

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Common Gut Conditions in Dogs

Before it is possible to recognize the positive impacts of insect protein on your dog's gut health, you must recognize the potential risks that arise from more traditional pet foods. Common conditions associated with the gut in dogs include:

  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Gastritis
  • Enteritis

While parasites may also contribute to complications in the gut, the health risks from leaky gut, gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, enteritis and related conditions often stem from dietary conditions. The conditions may lead to infections, allergic reactions, severe bacterial infections, increased rates of parasites, and diarrhea or vomiting. 

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By addressing the underlying factors that contribute to the conditions, it is possible to address the negative health outcomes that may arise. In many cases, a pet's diet is a primary factor in the health of the gut. A poor diet leads to greater rates of inflammation, parasitic or bacterial infection, and leaky gut. By taking measures to improve your pet's diet, it is possible to improve overall health and well-being.


Prebiotics in Insect Protein Sources

A key reason insect protein sources offer a healthy solution for your pet's gut health is the prebiotics in the insect's exoskeleton. When evaluating a pet's diet, you want to ensure they get enough probiotics and prebiotics to maintain a healthy microbiome.

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Prebiotics refer to the fibrous materials that feed healthy bacteria, or probiotics, in the gut. Crickets and other edible insects with an exoskeleton contain high rates of prebiotic materials, which help your pet's microbiome grow and thrive. It assists with the development and maintenance of a healthy microbiome in two ways: it feeds the probiotics in your dog's gut and it inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. The result is a lower rate of inflammation and infection in the gut.


Benefits of Prebiotics in Pets

The benefits of adding prebiotics to your dog's food and treats focus primarily on the health of your pet's gut. It reduces the risk of developing common gut conditions like leaky gut or inflammatory bowel disease. Since the conditions require a treatment process that targets the underlying causes of the conditions, a change to your pet's diet is a critical part of addressing the conditions.

Along with reducing the risk of different gut health conditions, prebiotics reduce the rate of harmful bacteria growth in your pet's body. Since the gut has lower levels of harmful bacteria, your pet has a lower risk of infections and inflammation in the gut and the body. It reduces the growth of bacteria that causes harm.

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Although parasites may get into your pet's body through a variety of sources, prebiotic foods do not support the health of certain parasites. It helps your pet's body eliminate the parasites and assists with other treatments to reduce the rate of parasitic infections. When a pet does get parasites from other pets, outdoor sources, or other factors in their environments, they have a lower risk of infection from the parasites.

A healthy diet of insect proteins also reduces the rate of indigestion, bloating, and related problems in your pets. The protein is easy for your pet to digest when compared to other sources of protein. When combined with the unique fiber of chitin in insects, your pet's digestive system is able to function at an optimal level.

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Insect protein reduces the risk of allergic reactions when compared to other food sources in pets. Since many allergies in dogs stem from a leaky gut, gastritis and related conditions, your pets may have fewer allergies. The fiber also stems from insect chitin, which may cause lower rates of allergic reactions from treats or dog food.

Insect protein offers a myriad of benefits for your pet's gut health. Since it contains prebiotic materials, it offers proper support for the healthy bacteria in your pet's digestive system. It is also easy for your pet to digest, which reduces the rate of bloating, indigestion, and related conditions. By changing a pet's diet to contain insect proteins, you may see postive changes in your pet's gut health.