How to Transition Your Dog to a New Dog Food

How to Transition Your Dog to a New Dog Food

You love the idea of a dog food that’s really, truly, actually sustainable, but you might not be ready to switch your dog’s food. We get it, we’re dog parents too.

It can be a journey to find a food that works well for your pup, and sometimes you just want to stay close to home (we’re doing a lot of that these days). If you are willing to take a walk around the block – so to speak – then we’ve got a few ideas on ways to incorporate Jiminys’ dog food into your dog’s diet and begin reducing their carbon pawprint, one small step at a time.

1) Food as a Treat

If you talk to an animal behavior specialist, they will often tell you to use complete and balanced food as a reward for your dog whenever you can. There will be times, of course, when you need a “higher value” treat (e.g., a special training treat) but, for many occasions, a great tasting food can serve that same purpose.

Jiminy’s baked kibble – not coincidentally, since we’re being honest – is a delicious choice that also packs in a host of benefits unique to our insect protein.

The best part is you’ll get your dog’s attention because it’s different from their normal food – but feel great about treating with a morsel packed with essential nutrients (and it’s really, truly, actually sustainable).

2) Mix it In

Make the earth move beneath their feet. Offer a mix of foods to enhance palatability, then enjoy watching your pup enjoy discovering fresh and interesting flavors all over again.

They’ll also be getting a mix of different nutrients at the same time, so even your sneaky side will approve.

With Cricket Crave, you’re also adding a food with a protein source that feeds the dog’s gut microbiome (and yes – finally – the gut microbiome gets its moment in the sun!).

3) Create a Rotational Diet For Your Dog

A revolving diet – also known as a rotational diet – is all about taking a well-balanced approach to your dog’s diet.

Instead of feeding him the same food every day, rotate recipes so your dog gets a range of proteins (and other nutrients) into his diet. This can help reduce the likelihood of your dog developing food sensitivities.

By rotating in Cricket Crave or Good Grub you can also “reset” your dog’s gut microbiome which is so important for your pup’s well-being. Choosing a food that helps feed those microorganisms is a great way to promote overall health (and we won’t be so crass to suggest that Jiminy’s is a great choice here).

4) Make the Full Switch To A New Dog Food

When you do decide to make a full switch, congratulations!

Why congratulations? Well, if your pup is currently eating a chicken-based diet, then you’ll save over 480,000 gallons of water a year by switching to Cricket Crave or Good Grub! Just don’t forget to make the switch gradually.

Here’s how to transition your dog to a new food:

  1. Mix your dog’s current food with the new food.
  2. Over 7 days, gradually increase the ratio of new food to old food.

Though you might start with just a tablespoon of new food, by the end of the 7 days your dog will be eating an entire bowl of his new kibble. No penalty if you want to take more than 7 days.

The world is changing.

In a few years, our population will exceed our means of food production.

But where others see setbacks, we see opportunities and new ways to live that consume fewer natural resources, reduce critical greenhouse gases, and provide a better, more humane, and healthier source of protein for our pets. We know it’s ambitious but staying focused on the future gives us a chance to improve it. Let’s make a better world.