How to Give Your Dog Medication: 5 Simple Tricks

How to Give Your Dog Medication: 5 Simple Tricks

Giving medicine to a dog can be unpleasant. Neither of you wants to do it but, like many things in life, it has to be done. But, with a few simple tricks, the process can be easier and less stressful for both you and your best canine friend.


1. DIY Pill Pocket Using Jiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treat

This trick is pretty ingenious. And, to be fair, it’s not so much a trick as a treat. If you like, you can watch a video to follow along.

  • First, pick up a packet of Jiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treats.
  • Next, lay out one of the treats on the counter.
  • Make a little “pocket” in the treat with your finger.
  • Put the tablet in the pocket.
  • Pinch and fold the treat up and over so it hides the tablet.

If the tablet is larger, try this second method:

  • Make the pill pocket as above and place the tablet inside.
  • Now, use a second Jiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treat so the tablet is couched between the two treats.
  • Pinch and fold the treat up and around so the tablet is hidden, as before.

    This way, your little woofer gets a healthy treat and you don’t have to tussle with the little fella to get his medicine into him!



    2. Pill Poppers

    Ask your vet if your canine’s prescription medication is available as a liquid. If so, skip the struggle with rubber-tipped droppers and use a “pill popper,” or “pill syringe” instead. Not only is medication easier to administer this way, but it’s easier to measure out the right dosage with the markings on the  side of the syringe. Pill poppers are just like those toy syringes you had in your toy medicine kit as a child. It’s a plastic syringe with a plunger, but with a blunt, open tip instead of a needle tip. Your vet or pharmacy sells them.

    Hint: Practice using the syringe with water over the sink first. It take a bit of skill to measure the right amount into the syringe and hold it upright so the medicine doesn’t shoot out before you’re ready.

    The trick here is to do it while your dog is lying in a prone position. Then, gently lift the jowls, insert the syringe and shoot the medicine into the back of your dog’s mouth, where he has to swallow. Even if his teeth are clenched, the liquid will flow right through.


    german shepherd using treat toy

    3. Treat-Dispensing Toy

    A treat-dispensing toy adds an element of fun and excitement to the usually unpleasant task of taking medication. All you do is place the medicine inside the toy, along with other treats, and then give it to your dog to play with. As they play, the medicine will slowly be dispensed, and your dog will be more likely to gobble it down without realizing it. Just make sure you choose a treat-dispensing toy that your dog finds engaging.


    4. Repetition

    If your dog needs to take medicine on a regular basis, it’s good to get them used it through repetition and familiarity. The goal is to make taking medicine a positive experience for your dog, so they don't become resistant or uncooperative. Try to incorporate repetitive behavior around each medicine “session.” Use the same words, the same actions and the same method of dispensing the medicine. If they take it, reward them with a Jiminy’s treat and praise them. Over time, they’ll feel comfortable (hopefully!) enough to just let you get it done so you can both enjoy the rest of your day.


    5. Routine

    Like children, dogs thrive on routine. Ever notice that your dog shows up with her leash in her mouth at the same time every  day? Now imagine if your dog work you up every morning with her medicine bottle at 7 AM! Okay, that’s not going to happen… However, you can incorporate medicine dispensing into your dog’s routine so the little fluffer nutter starts expecting it. Set your clock by it so your dog’s biological clock so you’re in sync! Just be sure to pick a time when you know you’re always home, like just before bedtime or after you eat breakfast.


    The trick to being successful with these ideas is to be patient and consistent. Some dogs will take longer to get used to taking medicine, so be prepared to give it time and stay committed to the process. With a little patience and persistence, you should be able to get your dog to take medicine with little to no resistance.


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