Earth Day is Earth MONTH here at Jiminy’s!

Celebrate Earth MONTH with Jiminy’s!

Earth Day is Earth MONTH here at Jiminy’s!
Give your dog the world


Did you know the single biggest impact that you can have on climate change is by switching your dog food from animal based protein to insect based protein?  

Get a head start on fighting climate change

Insects require fewer resources to produce than traditional animal protein. For example, it takes significantly less water and land to produce the same amount of protein from insects compared to traditional livestock. By choosing Jiminy's, you are choosing a more sustainable future for our planet.

That's why we’re excited to tell you about Jiminy's Earth Month promotion! As a company, we are committed to creating sustainable pet food solutions that are healthy for pets and the planet. That's why we use insect protein, a more sustainable source of protein, in our dog food. (Learn How!)


Jiminy's Earth Month BOGO promotion: Buy 1 Bag/Box, get a second one free!

From April 1 to April 30, we are running a sales promotion called "Give your dog the world." Switching to dog food that uses insect protein is the easiest and most impactful way for you to fight climate change and to create a healthier planet for your pup.  We invite you to try out our dog food and see the benefits for yourself. With the buy-one-get-one-free offer, you can stock up on food for your furry friend while also doing your part to help the environment.  Use the promo code EARTH at checkout to get your free bag/box*!

And to make your Earth Month even more sustainable, we will be adding a Sustainable Food Scoop to every order during the month of April.  If you are going to feed your pup sustainable Jiminy's dog food, you might as well use a sustainable scoop to do it!

Learn more about why we choose cricket proteins in our premium sustainable dog food.

 *Offer valid on dog food only from 4/1/23-4/30/23. Maximum of one order per customer and 3 free products.

Jiminy’s Insect based dog food is a natural dog food packed with prebiotics for dogs. Treat your pup to a sustainable and eco-friendly dog food and dog treat option. Learn how insect protein is a healthy diet for pets. 

At Jiminy’s, we believe in giving your dogs the very best and that starts with our insect-based dog food. By using crickets and grubs as our primary protein source, we produce quality kibble, wet food, and treats designed to provide complete nutrition for dogs. In fact, insect protein meets or exceeds all AAFCO requirements, making it a superfood you and your dog will love.

To create the perfect formula every time, we follow that up with whole food ingredients that offer natural prebiotics in every bite. Together, the naturally prebiotic insect protein and prebiotic-rich foods help build a strong gut microbiome. Our innovative protein doesn’t trigger allergies like traditional pet food ingredients either, resulting in better gut health for food-sensitive dogs.

Beyond that, our products are eco-friendly, humane, and safe for dogs of all sizes. So, you can definitely feel good about feeding your dog Jiminy’s – and your dog will enjoy our tasty Cravin’ Cricket and Good Grub flavors.
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