Christmas gift ideas for your dog

Christmas gift ideas for your dog

Don’t forget your dog on your Christmas shopping list! Dogs love to get in on the excitement of unwrapping gifts and playing with the boxes just as much as kids! Here is some inspiration to start with:


Dog’s Day Out

Instead of a physical gift, why not gift your dog the gift of time spent with you? You could call it, “Dog’s Day Out!” It would consist of an entire day spent doing something special with your dog, like taking a hike in a nature park with streams and squirrels, or going on some kind of adventure together.


Upgraded Leash

No doubt your dog already has a perfectly good leash. But Christmas is a good time to upgrade your dog’s old leash for an eco-friendly one. Jiminy’s eco-friendly dog leashes are made with recycled plastic bottles, which helps save the planet and keeps your dog safe and happy!


Spa Day

Doggy day spas are very popular now, and your dog might really enjoy a day of pampering. After carefully vetting the spa, sign your dog up for treats and activities that you’re sure your furry loved one will really enjoy.


Jiminy’s Dog Treats

Your dog will want to open at least one present early when he gets a whiff of what you wrapped inside his Christmas stocking! Jiminy’s dog treats come in delicious selections like peanut butter, blueberries, lentils, crickets, flaxseed, oats, carrot, pumpkin and more. Plus, they’re the perfect size to pack along when you head out for your dog’s next Christmas gift on this list!


Photo Montage

What about memorializing you and your family with your furry member of the family with a series of professional portraits? You can get these done at any professional photographer’s studio that specializes in pet portraits. Plus, they have a range of unique and fun posing and costume selections that will make the pictures something you’ll always cherish.


Christmas gift ideas for your dog from Jiminy's

A Warm Sweater

If you live in a region of the country that gets cold in winter, how about surprising Fido with a brand new sweater for Christmas? Unlike dad, who has tons of sweaters in his closet, chances are that Fido could really use some new threads! Your local pet store will have a selection, but there are some cute handmade sweaters you can order online from sites such as Etsy.


Anxiety Vest

If your dog tends to be a nervous Nelly, have you thought about getting her an anxiety vest? Dog and cat anxiety vests have been vet-approved to help pets deal with things that make them anxious. You just might find that an anxiety vest helps your dog deal better with travel, holidays and other situations that cause him stress.


Inflatable Mattress In Backyard

If you have two or more dogs, you know how much they like to rough house with each other. Did you know that dogs love bouncy things like trampolines? Trampolines are pricey and hard to set up, but an inflatable mattress, like the kind they sell for camping, is inexpensive, safe and can be inflated in minutes. Your dogs will love to bounce and jump and frolic on it for hours at a time.


Tricks/Training System

If you own a dog who is on the intelligent side and loves to learn new things, consider getting him a new tricks or training system. There are some very interesting ones available now, including some that even help you teach your dog to communicate by pushing buttons! Start slow though, and just enjoy watching your dog learn one little thing at a time.

Speaking of learning new things, did you know about the Free Dunbar Academy Training for the Jiminy’s Community?

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Ball Launcher

Everybody knows that dogs love to play fetch. But throwing a ball numerous times in a row gets tiring. Yet, your dog has boundless energy and seems to plead, “Again! Again!” every time he comes back with the ball.

Make Fido happy and give yourself a break with a ball launcher. These handy devices make it so easy to toss a ball a long distance without throwing out your elbow!


A New Flavor of Jiminy’s Dog Food

Your dog will be hungry for more after he gets a bite of his Christmas gift, a new bag of Jiminy’s dog food. Choose one of our bestselling bundles so you can see which flavors become your dog's holiday favorites!


Christmas is a magical time for you, your family and your dog. Make it special with one or more of these gift ideas. 



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