The star ingredient in Jiminy’s products is insect protein. We started with crickets (roasted and ground with nothing else added) and have recently added recipes with grubs.

Insect Protein Superfood Breakdown

Insect protein is truly a superfood! This protein itself (without additives) meets or exceeds AAFCO requirements for dogs in so many areas – not bad for one of the smallest animal protein sources out there!

It is also digestible! The insect proteins we work with score above 80 in digestibility studies with dogs – that qualifies these proteins as “high-quality protein” for the dogs.

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Fatty Acids
Vitamin B

At Jiminy’s, we have invested in the science behind insect protein. The safety, utility and digestibility of these protein sources is proven for our dogs. Links to studies can be found here.

The fact that the insect protein contains protein and fiber is the real kicker – talk about a nutritional powerhouse!

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