What to know about COP 28

What to know about COP 28

COP 28 ended on Wednesday. COP 28 is the nick name for the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference or Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC. This was the 28th United Nations Climate Change conference and it took place from 11/30-12/13/2023.


For the first time in history, over 200 countries approved a plan to transition away from Fossil Fuels (oil, gas, and coal).  This is a really big deal! This is the first time that the UN has used the term “fossil fuels”; despite the fact that burning oil, gas and coal is one of the main causes of climate change.

Here’s the key takeaways from the conference:

  • A global shift away from fossil fuels
  • Achieving net zero by 2050
  • 3x more renewable energy by 2030
  • Reinforcing the 1.5oC goal 43% reduction in emissions by 2030
  • 60% reduction in emissions by 2035


Found in the earth’s crust, fossil fuels are hydrocarbon materials made from decomposing plants and animals.  They product large quantities of carbon pollution when burned. In 2019, 84% if the world’s primary energy consumption and 64% of its electricity was from fossil fuels. Over 80% of the carbon dioxide generated by human activity (around 35 billion tons a year) comes from burning fossil fuels.


The COP 28 commitment rely on carbon capture technology, and experts have pointed out a number of loopholes. But we’re remaining hopeful!