Veterinarian Angel Network invests in Jiminy's

Veterinary Angel Network for Entrepreneurs Backs Jiminy’s

We are pleased to announce that Veterinary Angel Network for Entrepreneurs (VANE), a national network of veterinarians and animal health focused angel investors has made one of their largest financial investments into Jiminy's, Inc. After careful research into the nutrition and science behind the Jiminy’s products, the VANE group of investors decided to support this unique and innovative pet brand. Jiminy’s is disrupting the pet industry by delivering both sustainable and nutritious products made with insect proteins. The products are more than just an alternative protein; they provide unique benefits to dogs with allergies and gut health issues, deliver everyday nutrition and minimize our pets’ impact on the planet.

“We’re delighted to welcome VANE to our team.  It truly validates our mission and the progress we've made so far,” noted Anne Carlson, CEO. “In addition, we’re thrilled by the success stories we’re hearing from our customers; we see a promising future ahead.”

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