Sustainable Summer Vacation Tips for You and Your Pet

Sustainable Summer Vacation Tips for You and Your Pet

A summer vacation with your pet offers a good way to get some fresh air and sun while spending quality time together. If you’re trying to lower your carbon footprint and keep your vacation eco-friendly, you can do so in several ways. The following tips can help you plan a sustainable summer vacation for you and your pet to enjoy.


Keep Biodegradable Waste Bags Handy

Cleaning up after your dog during your vacation is the polite and hygienic thing to do. Instead of stocking up on plastic bags to pick up waste, look for biodegradable waste bags to use.

Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

These eco-friendly waste bags won’t spend years or decades in a landfill when you throw them out. When you use biodegradable waste bags to clean up after your dog, you’ll be doing your part in keeping your vacation destination clean, reducing the spread of germs, and cutting down on landfill trash. Keep these bags handy, especially if you’re out hiking or doing other outdoor activities, so you can easily clean up right away.


Choose Eco-Friendly Food and Water Travel Bowls

During your summer vacation, you’ll need a convenient way to provide your pet with food and water. Many travel bowls for pets are made of plastic, which isn’t good for the environment.


Look for food and water travel bowls made from recycled or upcycled materials instead, or choose bowls made from stainless steel rather than plastic. If you need to save space, look for eco-friendly bowls that are collapsible, so they’ll be easier to pack.

 Dog at Grand Canyon with Eco Friendly Dog Food and Bowl

Stock Up on Eco-Friendly Food and Treats

When you’re preparing for your trip, stock up on sustainable dog food and treats. These kinds of food and treats are made from organic ingredients or ingredients that are considered eco-friendly while still providing your dog with plenty of nutrients.

Sustainable Dog Treats

They don’t contain ingredients that offer little nutrition, and they’re not processed in ways that are considered harmful to the environment. Bring plenty with you, depending on how long you’ll be going for, so you won’t have to worry about restocking during your trip.


Bring Sustainable Dog Toys

Even if you’re going to be spending a lot of your time on vacation hiking or doing other activities outdoors, your dog will still appreciate having some toys to play with. Whether your dog loves to play fetch or tug or just wants to be able to chew on something from time to time, choose the toys you bring carefully.

Sustainable Dog Toys Wool Rope Wooden Chew Toy

Leave the plastic dog toys at home, and bring eco-friendly ones on your trip instead. Look for dog toys that are made from recyclable, organic, or sustainable materials. If you’re crafty, you can even make your own dog toys from eco-friendly materials.


Go Camping

The kind of summer vacation you plan gives you another way to be sustainable. Consider heading to the nearest state park or local campground for a camping vacation. You and your dog can stay in a tent and enjoy being outdoors for your entire vacation. When you go camping, you’ll also be able to spend your days hiking, exploring your surroundings, and doing other outdoor activities with your dog rather than driving around in a car.

Dog with Dog Food Camping in Woods


Head to the Beach

If your dog loves the water, a summer beach vacation can be a great eco-friendly idea. Whether you go to the coast or visit a local lake or river, you and your dog can have plenty of fun swimming and playing fetch on the sand.

Dog At Beach With Dog Treats

Depending on where you go, camping on the beach might be an option to consider instead of renting a beach house or staying in a hotel. If your dog enjoys being in boats, consider renting a kayak or rowboat during your vacation or bringing your own if you have one.


Look for Environmentally-Friendly Accommodations

If you’re planning to visit a place where camping isn’t an option and you have to find local accommodations, look for eco-friendly and pet-friendly ones. Some hotels and other lodgings take steps to be more sustainable, such as using solar panels for energy, having organic linens in every room, and having low-flow shower heads and other energy-saving features. Staying in accommodations that focus on sustainability can help you lower your carbon footprint during your vacation. While starting your search, narrow your options down to ones that welcome pets.

dog eating treats

If you’re planning your summer vacation, Jiminy’s offers sustainable, eco-friendly dog food and treats to bring along on your trip. These are made with insect protein, providing dogs with delicious and healthy food and treats to enjoy during vacation or on a regular basis.