Must-Have Camping Gear for Dogs

Must-Have Camping Gear for Dogs: Ensure Your Furry Friend's Outdoor Adventure is Paw-fect!

As outdoor enthusiasts and proud dog owners, we know that the best adventures are the ones shared with our four-legged companions. Whether you're scaling rocky terrains, exploring hidden trails, or spending starry nights under the open sky, your dog deserves to experience the great outdoors to the fullest.

To ensure your furry friend keeps up with your wild expeditions, you'll need top-of-the-range camping gear for dogs. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to make your dog's camping experience as enjoyable as yours.

Dog Camping Bed: Comfort in the Wilderness

Dog Camping Bed

Your pup deserves a comfortable night's sleep, just like you do. A dog camping bed should be at the top of your list for your next camping trip. Look for beds that fold up like camping chairs for quick and easy setup. These beds are not only comfortable but also keep your dog off the dirt, ensuring a peaceful night's rest. Choose a size that suits your dog, and you'll have a well-rested companion ready for the next day's adventures.

Dog Sleeping Bag: Cozy Nights Under the Stars

Dog Sleeping Bag

For cooler nights or smaller dogs, consider bringing a dog-size sleeping bag. These waterproof sleeping bags not only keep your furry friend warm but also protect your own blankets. Some sleeping bags can double as a sleeping pad on warmer nights, making them versatile additions to your camping gear.

Cooling Mat for Dogs: Beat the Heat

If your dog tends to overheat, especially on warmer days, a cooling mat is a must-have. These mats stay cool for up to three hours and are rechargeable with just 15 minutes of non-use. Your dog will thank you for the relief from the heat during your camping trips.

Packable Food Bowls: Convenient Dining for Your Dog

Packable Food Bowls dogs camping

Don't forget to pack food and water bowls for your dog's meals. Look for two-in-one options that include both food and water bowls and attach securely to a carry handle. These bowls are lightweight, easy to clean, and perfect for your dog's dining needs while camping.

Dog Food & Treats: Nutritious and Convenient

When you're planning a camping trip with your furry companion, convenience and nutrition are key. Jiminy's Good Grub offers a solution that's not only easy to pack but also environmentally responsible. This eco-friendly dog food delivers holistic health for adult dogs, making it a perfect choice for your camping adventures.

Consider bringing along some treats for those rewarding moments during your hikes. You can try the Jiminy’s THE ULTIMATE ECO-TREAT BUNDLE which is perfect for your camping adventures. 

dog treats camping

 The bundle contains all 6 flavors of our Jiminy’s dog treats, each with all natural, sustainable, high protein ingredients. With biscuits, training treats and the Nooch Puff, the Ultimate Eco-Treat bundle is everything you pup will need for any "reward" occasion.

Dog First Aid Kit: Safety Essentials

dog first aid kit camping

Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere, including the wilderness. That's why a well-equipped dog first aid kit is a vital addition to your camping gear. This kit includes essential items to address injuries, illnesses, or emergencies while camping with your dog. Although it's a valuable resource, please remember that it's not a substitute for professional vet care. In serious or uncertain cases, always consult a vet for proper guidance and treatment.

A typical dog first aid kit may include the following items:

  • x2 Alcohol Wipes
  • x2 Crepe Bandages
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Micropore
  • Tape Gloves
  • Emergency Blanket
  • x2 Wide open Weave Bandages
  • x2 Melolin Dressings

By including a dog first aid kit in your camping gear, you'll be prepared to handle minor injuries and provide immediate care for your beloved companion during your outdoor adventures. Safety always comes first when camping with your dog.

Hiking Harness and Leash


If you plan on hiking during your camping trip, a hiking harness and leash combo is ideal. You can try Jiminy's eco-friendly dog leash made from recycled plastic material. This eco-friendly fabric is equal in strength & durability to Nylon, feels soft to the touch and is 100% recyclable after use.

Dog Water Bottle: Hydration on the Go

Stay hydrated during hikes and outdoor activities with a dog water bottle. These bottles come with an attached bowl, making it easy to provide your dog with water on the go. The best part is that there's no water waste – any unused water goes right back into the bottle. These bottles are designed to fit conveniently into a car cup holder, ensuring your dog stays hydrated during car rides as well.

Glow Collar for Camping: Safety First

Safety should always be a priority when camping with your dog. A glow-in-the-dark collar is a simple yet crucial item. It ensures that your dog remains visible, even in low-light conditions. These collars are easy to put on and take off and come with rechargeable batteries for extended use.

Flea and Tick Prevention: Protect Your Dog

Flea and Tick Prevention for dogs

Camping often means encountering various bugs and pests. To keep your dog safe, ensure they're protected from fleas and ticks. Apply a preventative treatment before your camping trip, ensuring you choose the right product based on your dog's weight. A single application can last for up to 30 days, giving you peace of mind during your outdoor adventures

Portawipes - Dog Camping Gear: Keep It Clean

Maintain cleanliness by bringing along quarter-size cleaning wipes. These wipes expand with a little water and are great for cleaning paws or dirt off before entering the tent or camper. They're a convenient addition to your camping gear, ensuring both you and your dog stay clean during your adventures.

Additional Items to Consider:

  • Swamp Cooler Dog Neck Gaiter: Keep your dog cool on hot summer days by soaking this neck gaiter in water and slipping it on your dog's neck.
  • Fleece Jacket: For camping in colder weather, a fleece jacket provides warmth for short-haired breeds.
  • Orange Bandana: Ensure your dog wears an orange bandana during hunting season when hiking or walking in the forest.
  • Calming Medicine: Consult your vet about using calming medicine like CBD chews to ease your dog's anxiety during camping trips.

Remember, your dog is part of your camping adventure, so make sure they have the gear they need to stay comfortable, safe, and happy in the great outdoors. With the right camping gear for dogs, you and your furry friend can create lasting memories on your camping trips.

eco-friendly dog food  for your camping adventures

Get ready for an adventure-filled experience that both you and your dog will cherish! Packing Jiminy's Good Grub for your camping trip ensures that your dog receives high-quality nutrition without compromising on convenience. Its compact and lightweight packaging makes it ideal for travel, and its eco-friendly ingredients align with responsible outdoor practices.

Give your dog the holistic nutrition they need to thrive while exploring the great outdoors. Jiminy's Good Grub is the perfect companion for your camping adventures.