Jiminy's eco-friendly Holiday Gift Guide

Jiminy's eco-friendly Holiday Gift Guide for Pet and Planet-Loving Families

At Jiminy's, we're all about spreading holiday cheer while staying true to our commitment to the planet. This season, we've put together something special: an eco-friendly Holiday Gift Guide specially curated for you and your furry pals. It's not just about treating your pets; it's about embracing our mission of eco-friendly pet care. Join us in making conscious choices for a greener, happier holiday season!

Jiminy's - eco-friendly Nutrition for Your Furry Friends:

Jiminy's - eco-friendly Nutrition for Your Furry Friends

Get into the gifting spirit with Jiminy's, where we replace traditional protein with insect protein in our dog food, treats, and dental chews. Our eco-friendly pet products not only prioritize your pet's well-being but also contribute to a more eco-friendly pet care industry. Explore our range here.

Molly Mutt - Upcycled Dog Bed Covers and Duvets:

Molly Mutt - Upcycled Dog Bed Covers and Duvets

If you're looking for eco-friendly and stylish dog bed covers and duvets, check out Molly Mutt's products. They're a perfect addition to your pup's comfort zone. See what Molly Mutt has to offer here.

West Paw Ocean Plastic Collection: Eco-Friendly Pet Toys:

Treat your pets to some playful moments with West Paw's Ocean Plastic Collection! Dive into toys crafted from recycled ocean-bound plastic.These toys not only entertain but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. Discover the collection here.

Cycle Dog - Recycled Dog Products:

Cycle Dog - Recycled Dog ProductsCycle Dog sells a selection of environmentally friendly dog collars, leashes, and toys that are constructed from recycled materials, such as bike tubes. Check out their products here to treat your dog to eco-friendly fashion.

Paw5 - Interactive Puzzles and Enrichment Toys:

With the interactive puzzles and enrichment toys from Paw5, you can increase your pet's cerebral stimulation. These environmentally friendly items encourage a happier, healthier lifestyle in your pet while stimulating their brains. discover Paw5's selection here.

Beco Pets - Bamboo Bowls:

Provides a selection of environmentally friendly pet supplies, such as recycled plastic and bamboo for toys and bowls. Browse their collection here.

Bionic Pet Products - Durable and Eco-Friendly Toys:

Bionic Pet Products - Durable and Eco-Friendly Toys

Bionic Pet Products specializes in durable and eco-friendly toys made from FDA-approved materials. Their toys are not only recyclable but also biodegradable. Explore their collection here.

Pet House Candles - Natural Soy Wax Candles:

Pet House Candles has pet-friendly candles made from natural soy wax to create the holiday mood. These candles do not contain any harmful chemicals and come in recyclable packaging. You can find your favorite scents here.

Wagwear - Stylish and eco-friendly Pet Accessories:

Wagwear - Stylish and eco-friendly Pet Accessories

Wagwear brings together style and sustainability with their collection of pet accessories. From cozy beds to stylish collars and leashes, all made using organic and recycled materials. Shop Wagwear here.

Human Products

Lastobject - Reusable Everyday Essentials:

Join the eco-friendly movement with Lastobject's reusable everyday essentials. From the convenient LastSwab to the practical LastTissue, their products are designed to reduce single-use waste and promote sustainable living. Take a step towards a greener lifestyle by exploring their range here.

Marley's Monsters - Unpapertowels and eco-friendly Home Goods:

Make your home more sustainable with Marley's Monsters. Their eco-friendly home goods, including the popular unpapertowels, will help you reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment. Make the switch to eco-friendly living here.

Pela Phone Cases - Compostable Phone Cases:

Pela Phone Cases - Compostable Phone Cases

Protect your phone and the planet with Pela Phone Cases. Made from plant-based materials, their stylish cases are 100% compostable, ensuring a plastic-free future. Browse Pela's collection here and be a part of the solution to reduce plastic waste.

Bite Toothpaste Tablets - Plastic-Free Oral Care:

Transform your oral care routine with Bite Toothpaste Tablets. These plastic-free tablets are not only an eco-friendly choice, but they also come in a convenient, travel-friendly form. Make the switch here.

Bee's Wrap - eco-friendly Food Storage:

Bee's Wrap - eco-friendly Food Storage

Say goodbye to plastic wrap and embrace Bee's Wrap! This environmentally friendly option is ideal for wrapping snacks and covering your pet's food bowls. Shop Bee's Wrap here.

spread love for your pets and the planet by choosing gifts that make a difference. Our carefully selected gift guide offers eco-friendly options for your pets and home, making it the ultimate resource for a greener celebration. Happy holidays from Jiminy's!