How To Make a Homemade Pill Pocket!

How To Make a Homemade Pill Pocket!

If you like watching your dog spit out his pill, then this blog post isn’t for you.

For the rest of us, here’s a tip from our Chirper, Pumpkin (@mywoofs), to get your pup to take his medicine. It’s an easy, low calorie and sustainable solution and we’re a little embarrassed to say we didn’t think of it ourselves. We do make dog treats after all!

Our thanks to you, Pumpkin!

The “secret sauce” is our new soft and chewy Pumpkin & Carrot training treats. These treats were originally designed to be the ideal training treat – nice and soft, low-calorie and non-greasy. Because they’re soft and moist, they can also be easily molded around a pill.

Basically, you’re transforming your dog’s favorite treat into a homemade pill pocket or pill pouch – so it’s a great DIY solution!

AND it’s chicken free, soy free, wheat free and corn free

Making A Homemade Pill Pocket With Dog Treats

We experimented (okay, played) with some different treat sizes and found that a single treat can completely cover a small pill.

The treats’ jerky scent helps obscure the pill’s scent too. For larger pills we used two treats to create a pill pocket – one for the top and a second for the bottom. Here’s a quick demonstration!

This is a neat feel-good solution featuring a delicious and nutritious treat coupled with a sustainable and humane protein source. Mashing the pill inside the treat is like Play-doh for adults – and who doesn’t like Play-doh?

Plus, you won’t have to buy another treat especially for hiding pills. Money saved! Wagging tails all around!