How To Keep Your Dog Calm This 4th of July

How To Keep Your Dog Calm This 4th of July

Sparklers? Check. Cooler? Check. Grill? Check.

We know you’re prepared for the 4th of July…but is your dog?

While there might be things your pup enjoys about the 4th (fallen hot dogs, outdoor activities, family time) fireworks usually don’t make the list.
Much like thunderstorms, fireworks can leave our dogs feeling scared and anxious. The stress may trigger undesirable behaviors like chewing, incessant barking, and poor bladder control. Not fun. The 4th of July should be a time to celebrate with family, not worry about man’s best (and frightened) friend.

We compiled some tips on how to keep our dogs calm during the night time festivities. It’s worth implementing them a few days before the holiday if you live in a place where people start celebrating a day or two early. To our ears a noisy July 2nd is unnecessary and unfortunate. If anyone’s interested, however, in starting Thanksgiving a couple of days earlier, sign us up!

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Calm This 4th of July

-Take your dog on a walk or plenty of outdoor time during the day. Once night falls and the festivities begin your dog will likely be too scared to go outside. We’ve also found this strategy reduces mysterious damp spots on the rug.
– Keep windows and doors shut. If you have heavy curtains, keep them closed. Anything that helps soundproof your house is a plus.

-Create some white noise in the house. This could mean leaving the tv on, a talkative AC unit, or familiar music. Common sounds will help comfort your dog as well as offset the sounds outside.

-Create a safe space for your dog. If your dog has a familiar hiding space (under a bed or table) try making it accessible, or even putting a dog bed there. It’s ok if your dog needs to hide- it’s a way of self soothing!

-Distract! Long-lasting treats are a great way to keep your dog occupied for periods of time. Your dog will be focused on the treat and less concerned with fireworks.
We came up with two recipes you can freeze inside a rubber toy (we like the eco friendly Toppl toy) and will hold a dog’s attention for over an hour.

Good Grub Recipe

Good Grub Food (equivalent to what your dog eats as a meal)
Water (½ the Good Grub amount)

Directions: Soak the kibble in water for 3-5 minutes, then mix until it becomes somewhat smooth. Spoon mix into Toppl and top with an Original Cricket Treat. Freeze the toppl for 3 or more hours before giving your dog.

Cricket Crave Recipe

Cricket Crave Food(equivalent to what your dog eats as a meal)
Pumpkin Puree (½ the Cricket Crave amount)

Directions: Add Pumpkin Puree to food and stir together. Spoon mix into Toppl. Freeze the Toppl for 3 or more hours before giving your dog.

Hopefully these tips will make the 4th of July more enjoyable for pets and pet owners across the country. Unfortunately, we don’t have any remedies for strangers wearing hats – that’s something your dog will just have to deal with.

From Anne Carlson, Founder & CEO of Jiminy’s

When I was a kid we had a dog named Sunny and he was a mystery mix. He was part lab but also tall and red (and no, he wasn’t related to Clifford). He experienced his first 4th of July at about 8 months old. Once the firecrackers started he quickly disappeared. We searched inside and out and I got really worried (if I remember correctly, a few tears were shed). I finally found him curled up in the bathtub behind a shower curtain. He was shivering. So I went and got a blanket and put it over him and it seemed to help. From that time on, whenever we heard fireworks we’d grab a blanket and put it over Sunny. It always worked. I think it made him feel safe. (I’m in the middle and Sunny is in front)