How CBD Can Benefit Your Pet’s Overall Wellness

How CBD Can Benefit Your Pet’s Overall Wellness

From advertisements online to shopping at your local pet store, there’s a high chance that you’ve seen CBD products for pets in your web browser or on the shelf. If you’re not a regular CBD user yourself and aren’t sure what CBD could have in store for your pet’s wellness, get ready for a CBD 101 lesson.

Or if you are an active CBD user and use CBD for your pets already, you just may learn something new about the plant-based supplement you never knew before! Our friends at Pet Releaf are here to break down what exactly CBD is and all of the positive effects it can have on your pet’s body.

What is CBD?

Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is just one of the many natural plant compounds found in the hemp plant. These 100 natural compounds can be referred to as cannabinoids. This may be news to you, but every mammal actually has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) present in their bodies.

When CBD is consumed by a human or animal, it activates their ECS which creates then a two-way communication system in the body. You may hear about CBD helping out in so many areas of pet health and this is why: the two-way communication system is often between the brain and various parts of the body, such as the immune, cardiovascular, nervous system, and more to help them operate at optimum levels of health.

What are the benefits of CBD for pets?

The most common uses of CBD for pets are hip & joint health, digestive health, overall wellness, and situational stress. Learn more about the most common uses below!

Hip & Joint Health

It’s definitely not a pleasant experience when you start seeing your dog start limping from occasional joint stiffness after long walks or hikes. Try administering CBD to support a normal inflammatory response and mobility before and after daily exercise.

Digestive Health

Stomach upset? No thank you! CBD can also support a healthy digestive tract. The next time your dog experiences some digestive discomfort, it may be a good choice to supplement them with some CBD to help provide some gastrointestinal relief.

Overall Wellness

Did you know that you can support a healthy immune system response with CBD? CBD is not only for an aging pet’s aches and discomfort; CBD can be a beneficial supplement for pets through all stages of the lifecycle. Administer CBD daily to give your pet companion an immune system boost and support their optimal body function.

Situational Stress

Fireworks, thunderstorms, and traveling can all be potential triggers for your dog’s stress. As CBD can promote calmness and relaxation, it’s recommended to administer CBD about an hour or so before a stressful event so it has enough time to kick in. This way, your dog can relax when they start hearing loud booms from fireworks or thunderstorms.

How do I administer CBD to my dog?

Administration all depends on the product! Whether it’s an oil, chew, or topical—it most likely has specific administering instructions. Some CBD oils should be administered on an empty stomach for max absorption, while some oils can be administered during or after mealtime without losing effectiveness.

It’s important to read the product packaging to ensure that you’re administering each product correctly for the best results.

Does it matter which CBD brand I buy for my pet?

Absolutely! Although it’s always easier to go for a cheap version of CBD, it’s not always the best quality and may not be as effective. As pet parents, we want the very best for our furry friends, which means it’s not ideal to compromise on the quality of the products we are giving to our pets.

Try looking for brands that have quality certification seals, such as the USDA Organic Certification (U.S. Department of Agriculture), NASC Quality Seal (National Animal Supplement Council), or USHA Certification (U.S. Hemp Authority).

Plus, make sure to find a reputable CBD brand that provides 3rd party laboratory tested products with results ensuring quality and potency to foolproof that you are buying exactly what you paid for.

Try Pet Releaf CBD for Pets

If you’re on the search for a quality CBD brand to administer to your pet companions, try out Pet Releaf! Pet Releaf oversees their entire manufacturing process from seed to sale, from plant to pet to ensure pets parents receive the very best for their pets. From Hemp Oils, Edibites, Topicals, and Capsules, they’ve created products with all-natural, functional ingredients to support pets through all stages of the lifecycle.

Not sure which CBD product is the right fit for your pet? Give Pet Releaf’s Product Finder a try! The Product Finder provides a custom product recommendation based on your pet’s age, weight, and specific health concern to give you a perfect place to start on your pet’s CBD journey.