Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs

Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs

Halloween is a fun time for everyone, including your pets. But through all holidays, it’s important to keep your dog safe so that you can build wonderful memories for years to come.

Below are just a few tips and tricks to take good care of your dog during Halloween.

Halloween Safety with Pet Costumes

Putting a costume on your dog can be the cutest thing ever, and photo-worthy as well.

There are a few things that you should make sure of while your dog has a costume on. Sometimes the costume has rubber bands or small parts that attach your dog.

It’s important to be careful with rubber bands because your dog can swallow them or these small pieces can get caught in your dog’s fur causing discomfort.

We don’t want that!

Also with costumes, be careful that they are not very restrictive around the neck and they fit your dog. Most dog costumes have sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, which depends on your dog’s weight.

When you or the Veterinarian weighs the dog around this time of the year, be sure to make note of the most recent weight and find the costume that is closest to that weight.

Adjust the costume size accordingly if the size does not fit. It should fit comfortably for your dog. If the size is not right, most dogs will find any way possible to get out of the costume because it is uncomfortable.

With little hats and costumes that go over your dog’s head, be sure that they are not covering your dog’s eyes. This may bring anxiety to your dog and may cause them to act differently, all because they can’t see.

We want this to be a fun time for everyone! Some people put the costume on the dog a week or two before the actual holiday and allow the dog to roam the house with it on.

This way, you can work the kinks out and make adjustments before the big day. You can even exchange for a different size and not worry if all of the costumes are sold out.

Be Cautious About Candy With Your Dog

I’m sure if dog’s had it their way, they would eat everything in sight, but we have to protect them! Make sure your dog does not eat any chocolate, there are ingredients in chocolate that can make a dog sick.

With candy apples, the stick within candy apples can really hurt a dog. Be sure they don’t get into the candy apples.

Candy is not a good idea for your dog. Dog treats are always a good idea as a substitute for candy.

Everyone knows dogs have a great sense of smell, and they may also get into the candy and eat the candy with the wrapper still attached with it. Dogs cannot eat plastic or aluminum foil.

It is good practice for you to keep the candy in a crate or a box that the dog cannot get into.

Car Safety

When driving with your dog in the car on Halloween, be sure not to leave your dog in the car. We have all heard the stories on the news about dogs being left in the car and the bad things that can happen.

If you know your dog needs to be left alone for some time in the car, it’s best to simply keep the dog at home where it is safe.

It’s never okay to bring the dog along while knowing that you may have to leave the dog in the car for a short time. This is because unexpected things may happen, and the dog may have to be left in the car longer.

Some dogs do not like cars, so use your discretion for this holiday. If it is best that you walk the dog instead of them having to ride in the car, them just make sure you have their dog tags and a good leash to walk instead.

House Safety For Your Dog During Halloween

We all love our Halloween decorations, but there are a few tips we can share to make sure our dogs are safe.

With artificial pumpkins that have electric-powered lights inside of them, make sure to keep them out of the dog’s way. These things can catch fire and they are not toys for the dog to play with.

With pumpkins that have lit candles within them, keep them away from areas the dog has access to because if they are tampered with or knocked over, they can cause a fire easily.

With hanging spiderwebs and other decorations, it is important to be sure they are out of the reach of dogs so that they are not ingested.

When giving out candy, be sure that the dog has no access to the door. With the door opening and closing frequently, it may agitate the dog as well. A good way to keep the dog safe is placing a gate to block the area close to the door.

If your dog has a lot of anxiety when the door opens and closes, it may be best to keep them in a different part of the house during that time. Some people are afraid of dogs as well, so this is a good way to decrease anxiety for those people.

If you do decide to keep your dog behind a gate, there is another option where you keep dogs inside of a room that is away from the door.

Keeping your dogs favorite toys, kennel, food, and water within this one room is a good idea for your dog if they have a lot of anxiety or don’t do well with large crowds. Turning some music on to drown out the noise near the front door is a good idea, or turning on the TV.

Trick-or-Treating With Your Dog

If you do decide to bring your dog along with you and the family for the festivities, it is best to put them on a leash during that time. Some dogs have a lot of anxiety when it comes to meeting a lot of new people, it may be too much for them.

If your dog is one of those dogs, it may be best to double back and take them home as soon as you can. Some dogs are very friendly and it works for the holiday, so this is always good. Understanding what your dog likes and doesn’t like is the key here.

When your dog is tagging along, make sure they have on an ID tag located on the collar. Be sure it is updated with the correct address, name, and phone number.

Some people may take extra precautions and get the dog micro-chipped. This is a preference thing.

Regardless of which route you take, be sure that your dog has some type of identification when walking in the area because they can get lost and you want to be able to find them.

If your dog is trick-or-treating with you and your family and it becomes very load in the area, it may be best to take the dog home.

Just like Independence Day on July 4th, pet owners are to take precautions because dogs can often have anxiety with loud and unfamiliar noises.

So if it does get loud and you start seeing your dog act anxious or irritated, it is best to take the dog home and place the dog in a room with music or TV on. If you know that your dog is the type that can’t tolerate loud noises, it may be best to set the room up ahead of time and plan not to take your dog to the festivities.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween with your Dog

So, now you know mostly everything you need to know about how to keep your dog safe during Halloween. As pet owners, it is best to know what kind of dog you have personality-wise so that you can plan for everything ahead of time. Remember, when it comes to candy, keep it out of reach of your dog – give them dog treats instead.

The dog costume should be free of rubber bands and fitting snug, but not too tight to where your dog is uncomfortable. if you do take your dog along trick-or-treating, make sure they have the proper ID tags that are updated, or they are micro-chipped.

If you have a dog that is sensitive to loud noises and frequent visitors, make sure that you put them in a room away from the door. In the room, keep their food, water, toys,and some music on for them. Never leave your dog in the car unattended for any amount of time, this is just not a good idea.

And lastly, in your home, be sure they cant get into the decorations and put these things in their mouth. Now, you have more than enough information now to have a safe and fun Halloween. Keep your dog safe and you will enjoy the holidays for years to come!