The Inspiration for Jiminy’s New Dental Chew

In part one of our dental health series we discussed why dental health is important and what you can do about it. In this installment, we’ll share the story behind Jiminy’s new dental chew! From the inspiration (Anne’s dog Tuco) to the ingredients and features that make Jiminy’s Dental Chew unique and exciting,


About a year or so ago Anne (Jiminy’s CEO and founder) was snuggling with her older dog, Tuco. She was getting a few doggy kisses and realized Tuco had surprisingly good breath for a pup who is technically “a senior dog”. She leaned in and saw that his teeth looked great too - they were white! This was surprising as Anne hadn’t brushed Tuco’s teeth, hadn’t had them cleaned by a vet, and hadn’t fed him dental chews (she always thought the green color was weird).

So, what was going on?

Tuco had the good fortune to be one of the first dogs in the world to transition to Jiminy’s Good Grub food. He’d been eating it for several years at that point, and Anne thought the improvement in his gut might be impacting his mouth too. It was just a theory, so she called in the experts for their, well, expertise.

One of our PhD associates pointed out that the grub protein (the number one ingredient in our Good Grub dog food) contains medium chain fatty acids which are antimicrobial. We dug in and also noted that the grub protein is high in calcium - a key ingredient for strong teeth and bones.

We’ve always liked the idea of natural solutions for our dog’s health issues, so we decided to take advantage of the grub protein and create a dental chew that’s radically different (and better!!) than anything on the market.


The first thing that you’ll notice when opening a bag of Jiminy’s Dental Chews is the aroma. It smells delicious - like a bag of cinnamon cookies for your dog! Interestingly, many chews on the market are minty. Humans like mint and associate it with dental products, but mint isn’t at the top of your dog’s wish list. The cinnamon and parsley in Jiminy’s Chews are unique and combine to freshen your pup’s breath. Dogs love the taste and these chews are definitely drool worthy!

Cinnamon has other benefits that greatly increase the chews’ effectiveness. An anti-inflammatory, cinnamon helps inhibit growth of harmful bacteria. Who knew that something so delicious could have so many benefits? Well, to toot our own horn - we did!

The nubby texture is hard to ignore. It helps clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar build up as your dog chews. We need to now mention a feature that could easily be the chews’ most important - these chews are uniquely flexible! The flex means extended chewing time as these chews don’t break or shatter. And that means more time for the teeth to rub against the chew. And that means cleaner teeth. Hello, big smile!

What really sets these chews apart – and this is truly the biggie - is they’re made with Jiminy’s grub protein. As we’ve mentioned, grub protein contains medium chain fatty acids and they’re antimicrobial. The fatty acids work on the dog’s oral microbiome to promote healthy inflammatory responses and suppress harmful bacteria growth. The frosting on the cake is grubs are rich in calcium which is important for strong teeth and bones. Our chews are bursting with features.

To sum up - Jiminy’s Dental Chews are a multi-purpose, cinnamon-flavored chew designed to clean teeth and freshen breath. Medium chain fatty acids in the insect protein are antimicrobial, reducing oral inflammation while the chew’s flexible, nubby texture cleans teeth and gums. Cruelty-free superfood ingredients make Jiminy’s Dental Chews the sustainable choice for the health of your dog and our planet. The best dental chew in the world bar none.

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