October is Adopt A Dog Month® and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

October is Adopt A Dog Month® and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Each year, the American Humane Association and the ASPCA dedicate an entire month to dogs that need loving homes.

The American Humane Association calls October Adopt A Dog Month® and the ASPCA calls it the Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. These designations are intended to shed light on the need to do what we can to give deserving canines a new lease on life.

At Jiminy’s, we support these efforts, and we hope you will consider offering a deserving dog a place in your family home. In the spirit of doggy adoption, we offer these guidelines and tips to help make your shelter dog adoption be a success.


Not Every Family Can Adopt

We also know that not every family is able to offer a home to a deserving dog. Circumstances may prevent you from adopting for one reason or another. But you can still help!

  • Share helpful tips and information about the healthy care and dietary needs of dogs on your social media pages and in person with friends and family.
  • “Like” and share posts from accredited organizations like the AHA and ASPCA when they post about dogs who need homes.
  • Consider being a foster parent to a dog in need. This entails providing temporary accommodation for a dog recently rescued or homeless.
  • Donate new, unopened dog food and dog treats to your local canine shelter.
  • Help lost dogs and strays find their way home by bringing them to a licensed vet so they can be scanned for a microchip.
  • Consider volunteering at your local animal shelter, where you may be asked to take leashed dogs outside for a walk, or to spend quality time playing with lonely dogs and puppies.

tips for adopting a dog

Carefully Think Through Your Decision to Adopt a Dog

If you would like to help by adopting a dog of your own, take the time to carefully think through the decision. Some things that you need to think about include:

Can you commit to a decade or more of care? Dogs can live to be 18 years of age or more. You may desire a dog now, but will you still want a dog ten years from now? Fifteen years from now? Think about your future and how a dog will fit in to your lifestyle.

Will your family embrace the dog, too? Having just one person wanting to adopt a dog isn’t enough. The entire household needs to be on board with the adoption plan. Each family member deserves to have their voice heard when it comes to adopting a new member of the family, as your dog will become.

Are their pet allergies in the family? If one or more of your family suffer from dog allergies, it might not be fair to ask them to take allergy medication for years on end.

Will existing pets adapt? If you already have a pet in your home, consider how they may react to a new pet living in their territory. This is something that you alone can determine, since no one knows your pet like you do.


talk to a vet about your newest member of the family when adopting a dog

Talk to a Vet

If you do already have a pet, it’s worth discussing your idea of adopting with your veterinarian. They are a rich and valuable resource for everything from knowledge about potential inherited conditions in certain breeds, to ideas about how to navigate the first few days with your new dog.


prepare your home for a rescued pet

Preparing Your Home For a Rescued Dog

Before you bring your new best friend home, take some time and plan a welcome that your rescued dog will love.

Decide on House Rules

With puppies and adult dogs in a new environment, you need to be clear about the rules from the outset. Decide on what house rules you need to have in place in order to have a calm and comfortable coexistence with a canine. Having these rules in place before your dog ever sets a paw in the door will help to ensure that everyone’s clear about house boundaries.

Give Your Dog His Space

Just as if you were going to live in someone else’s house, give your new dog their own spot that’s just for them. This could be a cozy corner with a fluffy dog bed and a toy or two, or free rein of the backyard.

But no matter what you do, you have to designate a spot for your dog’s food and water bowls that won’t be changed later on. This ensures that your rescue pup won’t be confused about how to access fresh food and water when you aren’t home.

Whether you adopt a dog this October or some other month, these tips will help you to make a well-thought-out decision.

Inviting a well-deserving dog into your home is one of the best acts of human kindness you can ever do in life. We wish you and your furry friend joy and happiness on your journey together.

And, as always, feel free to contact us for more information on our healthy, gluten-free dog food and treats or to shop online at Jiminy’s.