2021 – A Year For The Planet

2021 – A Year For The Planet

One of our favorite December rituals is the opportunity to take a breath (masked, of course – thanks omicron!) and reflect back on the year. It wasn’t exactly what we thought - more zoom meetings than in person – BUT more time at home leading to more puppy adoptions. Through all of this, Jiminy’s continued to grow, adding more team members and more products for the pups!  We’re very proud of our accomplishments and wanted to share some of the highlights. Let’s go!

close up of dog drinking water

1. We made a commitment to Carbon Neutrality 🌎

Today, Jiminy’s saves land and water and eliminates greenhouse gases through our treats and food when compared to other pet brands - but there’s still work to do.  Climate change is a ferocious enemy and must be fought on every front.  Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality – a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.  It won’t happen overnight, but we’re taking key steps that will move us toward that goal.

2. We tested sustainable packaging and the shift begins in 2022

From the beginning, we’ve had our eyes on sustainable packaging.  We tried to put our treats in a recyclable bag several years ago, but the bags just weren’t ready for prime time.  This year we noticed meaningful improvements from the packaging guys, so we tested new materials in our production process.  The good news?  You’ll be seeing our new recyclable bags rolling out during 2022 and we couldn’t be more thrilled! 

3. We learned about exciting new benefits of our insect protein 🐛

Our first products were made with cricket protein which we know is a superfood – a complete protein, great digestibility and fiber that makes it prebiotic!  Last year we added our Good Grub products made with another fantastic insect protein – BSFL – and the news gets even better. The latest study, “Unlocking the Real Potential of BSFL”, reveals that this protein could be a great tool in battling arthritis in dogs.  We’ll share more about this in the new year!

Grub Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Information

4. We continued making an impact – saving water and averting greenhouse gases.

From the start, our core objective has been to fight climate change as we feed our pets. Insect protein requires less land, water and produces fewer greenhouse gases than traditional protein sources.

  • By replacing traditional livestock (cow, pig, chicken) with insect protein, we’re not only using less land and emitting fewer greenhouse gases, we’re also saving water. In fact, in the past 12 months, Jiminy’s has saved more than 200 million gallons of water.
  • By replacing chicken-based dog food with insect-based alternatives, Jiminy’s has averted more than 51 million grams of greenhouse gases during the past year. 

5. We started planting trees - 25,000 to start! 🌳

Jiminy’s has partnered with veritree to launch a tree-planting program. We’re planting 25,000 trees to start and with veritree we’ll plant more each year.  This means that we'll be able to fight climate change with our products now and with these trees in the future.  Learn more about this program HERE

United Nations Sustainability Goals Chart

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished this year and we’re carefully optimistic about what 2022 will bring.  Thank you all for being part of the Jiminy’s family.  Together we can make a difference! 🐶