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Traditional Animal Agriculture vs Cricket Protein


There has been a fundamental shift in our world. According to the UN, the world’s population will exceed 9 billion by 2050 and to feed this population food production needs to increase by 70 percent. This is our global food challenge which is compounded when we add the food needs of our cherished pets. In the US alone, we own over 89 million dogs who consume over 32 billion pounds of protein per year.

The amount of resources that it takes to produce this protein is staggering AND not sustainable. Using our current methods, there is simply not enough land or water for us to increase food production to the necessary levels.


at Jiminy’s we replace animal protein with cricket protein as a better way to feed our pets

Imagine a world where we can nourish ourselves and our pets using less resources (land, water) AND, at the same time, exponentially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At Jiminy’s we’ve embraced cricket protein as a better way to feed our four-legged family members.

We make sustainable pet food and treats using cricket protein. Jiminy’s products nourish our pets and promote long-term stewardship of the earth. We believe focusing on pets is common sense. Our pets aren’t afraid of eating a cricket and, as we move from treats to food, we can make a huge difference in their carbon pawprint. A dog eats essentially the same diet every day – if we replace traditional protein with cricket protein we can save over millions of gallons of water per year for each dog who converts to Jiminy’s (and that’s just one of the many savings areas).