Camping With Your Dog

camping with your dog

Did you know that June is National Camping Month?  Yeah, we didn’t either.  But when you think about it, isn’t this an excellent time to pack up your gear and experience nature – especially with your best buddy?

We’ve got a few suggestions – both for the humans and the pups.

For the Whole Family

Whether you like roughing it or prefer to “glamp” it up, it’s important to keep some things in mind.

  • You’re going to need water (and so is your pup!). That might mean packing it in.  No worries though – the load gets lighter the further you go!
  • A first aid kit could come in handy (better safe than sorry).  Make sure the kit contains a pair of tweezers to remove thorns or ticks (or both if your pup’s like mine).  A bandana is also handy.  It’ll keep the sweat off your brow but can also wrap a cut, or used as a sling or even a short leash.
  • You’ll probably want to take non-perishable food (granola bars, jerky, peanut butter, chocolate bars, and dried fruits, especially if you are not taking a cooler) AND if there are critters in the area – make sure you know how to store your food at night!  You are also going to need food for your pup, AND if you are hiking, probably more than you would normally feed – your dog is going to likely cover 10x the distance that you do!  Run ahead, to the side, back and forth…. You know we’re right!
  • Be prepared for unexpected weather!  Definitely take a hat and sunscreen. And a towel for the pup could come in handy.

Around the country, there are a variety of campsites available. The more modern campsite includes showers and recreational facilities. These often include water hookups and parking pads for RVs and campers and cabins to rent as well as more primitive sites with no electrical hookups designed for tent usage.  Other parks only allow primitive camping and require everything you pack into the park to be packed out. So, seriously consider your needs if you are hiking into the park for your stay. These are not for the glampers.

For The Pups

Your dog is going to love going with you!!!  Super fun and exciting, so many new sniffs and places to explore.  Here’s a few doggy specific items to think about…

The Campsite

There’s nothing worse than driving up to your destination with your happy pup beside you and then seeing a sign that says, “No Dogs Allowed”!   We recommend researching online – it’s usually a simple google search, but there are sites out there that can make it a bit easier.

The Adventure

Be honest, is your dog a hiker or a couch potato?  Is he or she up to the same level of activity as you?  Sometimes the answer is no, but that’s still ok, ‘cause you can carry your buddy in a pack – but if that isn’t the case, maybe plan for something a bit more sedate – car camping, anyone?

Recall – More Important than Ever!

We wrote about recall in our So, You Adopted A New Dog blog post, contending that it is the most important skill to teach any dog.  We’re going to double down on that statement here!  When you are out in the wild, you have no idea what you may encounter, and a rock-solid recall will be the key to keeping everyone safe!  Whether it is unsafe terrain, a snake on the path or something gross your pup decides to roll in, you need to get Buddy back to you lickety-split!

Another command that you might want to practice before your trip is “leave it.”  We recommend bringing along some Jiminy’s Training Treats to help entice your pup away from danger (or gross things you’d rather not see in his mouth)!

In Case You Get Separated

Make sure your dog has good identification on his collar.  Your mobile number is really important so you won’t be playing phone tag if you’re separated.  Also, if your pup isn’t microchipped, now (before your trip) is an excellent time to get that done!


We know you’re going to have a blast!  Don’t forget your camera, because we want to see pictures!

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